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The HCG Diet Can Be A Daily Struggle

I know its not easy and this can be a daily struggle.  I have realized that this is more than just a diet, for me its a way of life.  If I am not losing on the HCG diet then I am in maintenance mode (P3) and if I dont remain in P3 I start gaining weight.  You may find yourself fitting into this category too. When we get to P3 we must add daily activity into our lives.  

This doesnt mean that you have to run a 5k but, it can be small changes like walking to the mailbox, taking the dog for a walk, park in the furthest parking spot, bike or walk to complete daily errands, take the stairs, start riding bikes, and spend more time with your family take them bowling, or play tennis.  

I used to hate to exercise but I started looking at it differently like each hill I climb is extending my life instead of omg this hill is horrible. OK I actually say both but I see improvement because I do keep pointing out the positives.  Whatever you do just keep moving and build up to a min of 1 hour of activity a day.  

Eat clean just like you did in P2 but now you can add more food such as cheese, dairy, and nuts.  Helpful tip.....try sticking to no more than 1 handful of nuts per day or you could see an increase in weight.  

If you are on P2 and you are losing more than a half a pound per day you are in the amazing category.  If you are losing at approximately .50 lbs per day you are pretty average.  If you are getting closer to .35 and .40 you are probably a woman and 170 lbs or less losing at an average rate for your size.  If you are closer to .20 lbs per day then most likely you are very close to your goal weight.  Each one of these averages is actually very good.  

The only weight loss I have seen compare to these type of consistent losses is the one where they staple your stomach and then many of those people are changed for life.  Some cant enjoy a beer or eat ice cream for the rest of their lives for instance.  

The closer we get to our goal weight and the smaller that our bodies become the smaller the daily average losses are going to be.  This doesn't mean that you are not doing as well as the woman that is getting .70 lb average per day.  You might be 180 lbs and the other person is 290 for instance.  Your smaller average would be more significant because of your size.  Your overall weight loss percentage would be higher than that of the bigger person. 

 This diet does tend to spoil most of us and we always expect to get those big numbers or we might compare ourselves to others.  Its very easy to do.  I do it myself just like many of you do.  Don't do this to yourself.  Don't give into this self sabotage.  If you find yourself talking negatively about your daily losses after the first couple days :-) then don't get on the scale.  I had to do this myself on my last round because I gained and I couldn't bare to see what the scale said to me.  I found that I stuck  to the diet even more because I was afraid of wasting my time and not getting results and without the daily look at the scale it made the entire process a whole lot easier and I wasn't as mean to my husband as I usually get when on P2.  Thats actually what he just said.

If you feel you need to watch the scale closely everyday just make sure to weigh with the same thing on everyday or naked and first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom and before you eat or drink.  Weighing yourself at different times of the day will give you different results so when you wake up is the best time. Keep a record of the daily weight on a calendar.  This can help you to determine if there are specific foods that don't agree with you.  Many find that they have an intolerance to gluten or dairy.  You may also see a pattern if you do HCG injections more than 1 round.  I noticed that every two weeks I would stall like clock work and then lose a little.  That just helped me to realize that I was like every other woman out there.  We have it a little bit tougher than the guys but if you can time your start time just after your TOM that is supposed to be the best according to Dr. Simeon’s Protocol.

If you have lots to lose its best to break it down into smaller increments and reward yourself  for 5 or 10 pounds at a time.  At 10 pounds I will buy a new outfit.  At 5 pounds I will get a pedicure.  Just make sure its a non food reward.  We may have been taught to reward with food for every milestone.  Reinforce good habits and reward your children with non food rewards as well.