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The HCG Diet Can Be A Daily Struggle

I know its not easy and this can be a daily struggle.  I have realized that this is more than just a diet, for me its a way of life.  If I am not losing on the HCG diet then I am in maintenance mode (P3) and if I dont remain in P3 I start gaining weight.  You may find yourself fitting into this category too. When we get to P3 we must add daily activity into our lives.  

This doesnt mean that you have to run a 5k but, it can be small changes like walking to the mailbox, taking the dog for a walk, park in the furthest parking spot, bike or walk to complete daily errands, take the stairs, start riding bikes, and spend more time with your family take them bowling, or play tennis.  

I used to hate to exercise but I started looking at it differently like each hill I climb is extending my life instead of omg this hill is horrible. OK I actually say both but I see improvement because I do keep pointing out the positives.  Whatever you do just keep moving and build up to a min of 1 hour of activity a day.  

Eat clean just like you did in P2 but now you can add more food such as cheese, dairy, and nuts.  Helpful tip.....try sticking to no more than 1 handful of nuts per day or you could see an increase in weight.  

If you are on P2 and you are losing more than a half a pound per day you are in the amazing category.  If you are losing at approximately .50 lbs per day you are pretty average.  If you are getting closer to .35 and .40 you are probably a woman and 170 lbs or less losing at an average rate for your size.  If you are closer to .20 lbs per day then most likely you are very close to your goal weight.  Each one of these averages is actually very good.  

The only weight loss I have seen compare to these type of consistent losses is the one where they staple your stomach and then many of those people are changed for life.  Some cant enjoy a beer or eat ice cream for the rest of their lives for instance.  

The closer we get to our goal weight and the smaller that our bodies become the smaller the daily average losses are going to be.  This doesn't mean that you are not doing as well as the woman that is getting .70 lb average per day.  You might be 180 lbs and the other person is 290 for instance.  Your smaller average would be more significant because of your size.  Your overall weight loss percentage would be higher than that of the bigger person. 

 This diet does tend to spoil most of us and we always expect to get those big numbers or we might compare ourselves to others.  Its very easy to do.  I do it myself just like many of you do.  Don't do this to yourself.  Don't give into this self sabotage.  If you find yourself talking negatively about your daily losses after the first couple days :-) then don't get on the scale.  I had to do this myself on my last round because I gained and I couldn't bare to see what the scale said to me.  I found that I stuck  to the diet even more because I was afraid of wasting my time and not getting results and without the daily look at the scale it made the entire process a whole lot easier and I wasn't as mean to my husband as I usually get when on P2.  Thats actually what he just said.

If you feel you need to watch the scale closely everyday just make sure to weigh with the same thing on everyday or naked and first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom and before you eat or drink.  Weighing yourself at different times of the day will give you different results so when you wake up is the best time. Keep a record of the daily weight on a calendar.  This can help you to determine if there are specific foods that don't agree with you.  Many find that they have an intolerance to gluten or dairy.  You may also see a pattern if you do HCG injections more than 1 round.  I noticed that every two weeks I would stall like clock work and then lose a little.  That just helped me to realize that I was like every other woman out there.  We have it a little bit tougher than the guys but if you can time your start time just after your TOM that is supposed to be the best according to Dr. Simeon’s Protocol.

If you have lots to lose its best to break it down into smaller increments and reward yourself  for 5 or 10 pounds at a time.  At 10 pounds I will buy a new outfit.  At 5 pounds I will get a pedicure.  Just make sure its a non food reward.  We may have been taught to reward with food for every milestone.  Reinforce good habits and reward your children with non food rewards as well.

How Much Weight Will I lose on the HCG Diet

How much weight you can expect to lose on the HCG Diet depends on a few things...

How much do you weigh?  The more you weigh the more you will likely lose.  

Are you a man or a woman?  Men lose at a much faster rate than women do with losses averaging 1-2 pounds per day vs. women that typically get .5 to 1 pound per day average.

How long will your round be?  This depends on how much you have to lose and what your goal is.  A woman with approximately 15 pounds to lose before reaching an ideal weight range can lose that in just one 30 day round of HCG Injections.  Someone else with approximately 100 pounds to lose may lose 30 pounds in one month and feel absolutely wonderful and chose to extend their round an additional 30 days.  Some HCG dieters have been known to do 80+ days on the diet.  

How much water are you consuming?  You must drink a min of half your body weight in ounces of water to achieve the best weight loss results.  Your excess fat needs a ride out of your body and the water is that vehicle.  

How much sleep are you getting?  Be sure to get a minimum of 8 hours.  In fact it is even possible to lose more weight if you take a daily nap.

Are you documenting your progress?  Keep a daily journal of your progress for motivation.  Make sure to take your measurements weekly.

This is my actual journal. 

My progress

Miserable at 310 pounds


start 9-1-09

after load 287

9-01 283 load day
9-02 283 load day
9-03 287 1st VLCD
9-04 280 WOW! 7 lbs in one day.
9-05 278
9-06 277
9-07 276
9-08 275
9-09 274
9-10 275 TOM
9-11 273
9-12 272
9-13 271
9-14 271
9-15 270
9-16 269
9-17 268

so far as of 9-17

I lost 3.5 inches in shoulders
1 inch in the bust
1/2 inch under bust
1 inch from arms
3 inches from hips and
1/2 inch from neck

9-18-09 268
9-19-09 268
9-20-09 268
9-21-09 267 thank god
9-22-09 266
9-23-09 265 and another visit from TOM. Now I understand why I stood still for 3 days straight.
9-24-09 265 Keto stick shows between moderate and high
9-25-09 264 ate mac nuts and chipotle but, didnt go out of control
9-26-09 262.4 YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
9-27-09 we wont talk about today
9-28-09 or this day
9-29-09 262
9-30-09 261
10-01-09 260.4
10-02-09 260.4
10-03-09 261.8 made this an apple day
10-04-09 259.2
10-5-09 259.4
10-6-09 261.2
10-7-09 260.2
10-8-09 258.2
10-9-09 257.6
10-10 256.8
10-11 257.2
10-12 258
10-13 256.8
10-14 255.8
10-15 257
10-16 256.6
10-17 254.8
10-18 ?
10-19 ?
10-20 253.2
10-21 251.2
10-22 252.2
10-23 250.6
10-24 249.2
10-25 249.0
10-26 249.2
10-27 248
10-28 247
10-29 247
10-30 247
10-31 247

Round 2 started this round at 249.2 after load 253.4

11-22 250.8
11-23 248.2
Down 60 lbs Feeling Better
11-24 246.8
11-25 246.0
11-26 246.0
11-27 244.6
11-28 248
11-29 246.4
11-30 245.6
12-01 245.6
12-02 244.0
12-03 244.0
12-04 243.8
12-05 245.6
12-06 245.6
12-07 245.6 Tom arrived
12-08 243.8
12-09 243.8
12-10 241.8
12-11 240.0
12-12 240.0
12-13 239.6
12-14 239.0
12-15 239.0
12-16 238.2
12-17 236.8
12-18 238.2
12-19 236.2
12-20 238.0
12-21 237.6
12-22 237.2
12-23 235.6 OMG!!!!! I noticed that I have a stall or a gain/stall every 14 days that lasts about 3-4 days before I start to lose again.
12-24 234.8
12-25 234.6
12-26 233.0
YAY and I even had 3 glasses of red wine last night!!!!!!
12-27 231.6
12-28 231.6
12-29 231.6
12-30 231.6
12-31 232.4
01-01 231.6
01-02 233.2
01-03 231.6
01-04 231.2
01-05 finally down to 229.4!!!!!!
01-06 231.0
01-07 230.4 and Tom is still late

OK this sucks. I am just looking at this and thinking it looks like I might be done this round. I was even gonna try to go for 80+ days but, who in their right mind would continue with no results?? I will wait for the bastard TOM and then see what happens before I decide to do anything crazy. :-(

The positives are that I am a size 16 on the bottom and an 18 on the top. I can tell that I am losing inches even though I am stalling. I put a couple really tight shirts on that are loose enough to wear now. I waited more than 15 years to wear this one shirt LOL I was determined to get that sucker on 1 day. As soon as I make my point and wear it just once then I will give it away.

01-08 up again dont remember
01-09 230.2
01-10 229
01-11 229!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
01-12 227.8
01-13 227
01-14 226.4
01-18 226.4
01-19 228.4 The BASTARD is here!
01-20 227.0 no injection
01-21 228.4 no injection
01-22 226.0 no injection and did apple day. I know I wasnt supposed to for any reason but, I wasnt hungry and it got late so I just said screw it.

01-23 224.8 P3 First day.
01-24 224.8 and we partied with red wine last night too!
01-25 224.8 I ate nuts and SF ice cream.

I apologize for losing track and not being as diligent about this blog as I had intended to be. It is now August 30th 2010 and I have done another round and gotten down to 203 pounds. I am amazed at how this just keeps working. It becomes second nature once you get going and you start thinking to yourself wow this is the way it is supposed to be. This is how much we were meant to eat in one sitting. Everything about me has changed. I am now a size 14 and when the weather is not too hot here in AZ I am walking approximately 5 miles a day. Somedays I do 7 or 8 which is amazing for someone that could not walk across the room or bend over without being out of breath. I am about to do another round soon. Cant wait! Wish me luck. Oh by the way a Biggest Loser recruiter was interested in me til he saw a picture and found out how much weight I have lost. He says I am too small for the show. That was music to my ears. TOO SMALL LOL!!

  8-30 203 Pounds!!

203 lbs and a comfortable size 14

110 Pounds Before and After Weight Loss with Rx HCG Diet Injections Huco...

I lost 110 pounds with Rx HCG injections. Luckily I had done about 6 months of hard core research prior to beginning the diet so I knew that drops would not be the way to go. Not if I wanted to be successful. I decided that if I were going to spend that much money doing this crazy diet I would have to do it the way it was intended to be done, with injections.

The reason for my hesitation was only because I was so scared of that needle and the thought of doing it to myself was just not something I could fathom. When I got my HCG injection kit in the mail I had no idea how to inject or where to inject it. I scoured the internet looking for help but came up empty handed. I sat at my computer in tears because I didnt know what to do or how to do it and with no help on the internet either I just decided to give up and just do it. I made the painful mistake of injecting the HCG into my thigh, OUCH!! It was painful. I guess because my legs are muscular and the only place on my body with not much extra fat to inject into. A little bump formed and it took 3 or 4 days to go away.

In the meantime I found an HCG friend "Tee" who was nice enough to walk me through the process of injecting the HCG painlessly. It turns out to be very simple just take the tip of the needle and poke slowly 1-2 inches to the left or right of your belly button. If you feel the poke dont go in. You will find a spot where you dont feel the sharp end of the needle. When you find that spot slowly push the needle in and push the plunger down slowly. Really glad I got it all figured out and that I became comfortable with this diet because it was life changing for me.

Struggling with 200

I have been doing this more than a year now and I know every tip and trick in the book, out of the book, on all the social websites, youtube etc.  I have had every success and every failure that you could imagine which as I type this I realize it all just means that I am human.  I guess I am really too hard on myself and I let failures get the best of me at times which lead to even more failures if you let them get to you.

I came to the point in my diet where I had lost over 100 pounds and was about to cross that threshold I thought was never to be seen again.  I was at an all time low of 203 and looking wonderful in comparison to where I had come from at 310.  I took some time off to celebrate and felt like I could participate in the same social activities all my peers were participating in when we made a fun HCG trip to Vegas.

Now that I look back and reflect I can see that I tend to do that often.  I will do the same thing that others do thinking it is safe for them so it must be for me.  I don't think that everyone is affected the way I am though because after a few strawberry daiquiris and a couple trips to the buffet I easily put on 20 pounds in a very short period of time.  I spent my next round taking off almost all of it getting down to 211 and then came my break which came on Halloween and we just happened to have a huge party where I blew it.  It took me a couple months to slowly put back on a few more pounds til I was ultimately 231 so before I gained another pound I went back on HCG.

Not sure if you could imagine how discouraged I could possibly be right now but, this is really hard this time, taking it off yet AGAIN.  It has to be done.  I have to be strong and I have to face this and admit  my failures to myself as well as the successes to move forward and make it to my ultimate skinny goal.  Writing this feels like therapy to me and in a way I can feel a sense of relief and that I will soon be through this and on to some new weight loss.

I found myself questioning whether or not I could do it.  I have been scared and unsure about what I am doing these last couple  rounds.  I also did not do these last couple P3 breaks as I have the previous ones.  These last two I did not exercise at all.  Much of that had to do with the fact that summers in Arizona are completely brutal and I am so fair that I do not go outside unless there is a body of water involved.  I promise myself that my next break will be like all those prior to these last two and that I will not test the 3 week break/theory and I will remain strictly no sugar and no starch for a minimum of 3 weeks.  It works I know it does.  I have dont it and I am going to do it again.

Today I am down to 226. something and I plan on doing all the things that have made me most successful in the past on P2.  Yesterday I had hcg tacos for both lunch and dinner which resulted in a 4 pound weight loss this a.m.  Today I had steak fajitas with sauteed onions and peppers.  Also had my strawberry lemon drink and tonight I will repeat that.  I can always count on the fajitas to really be satisfying and to also provide a nice result in the morning.

One day at a time I am going to do this.  I love what HCG has done for me and how it has changed my life.  All I have to do is let it do its job and just not interfere.  I havent been hungry but, I have been eating due to an increased amount of stress the last couple months.  Food has been my coping mechanism for everything and I had found alternatives which helped me to lose more than 100 pounds but, I let myself slip a little and luckily I was able to catcht it this time before it got way out of hand.

HCG P3 Recipes: P3 Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza

Awesome recipe to try out from Sandy's blog when you get to P3. Yum!

HCG P3 Recipes: P3 Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza: "Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza for P3 1 head cauliflower 5 eggs 3 cups mozzarella fennel parsley oregano Chop up whole head of cauliflowe..."

Two Things I Dont Want to Live Without on P2....MSM & Zip Fizz

So I hear all these awesome things about MSM and I even bought a huge bottle of MSM pills at Wal-Mart but, they were really difficult to choke down and the powder form tastes pretty bad too. I found another way to do it which is much easier for me. I found a drink mix that has MSM and vitamin C in it. Its a lemon lime fizzy drink mix you can just add to a bottle of water, crystal light or my favorite Zip Fizz pink lemonade that way you really cant taste it at all. I have 2 of these a day which is 2,000 mg of MSM and I usually poor 2 of the drink mixes into a 32 oz bottle of zip fizz which I cant live without and it is more like a treat than having to choke it down. My skin does feel great and I am going to increase my dosage to 3 of these drink mixes a day now. I thought it was a little expensive at first and was reluctant but, you know what I am more than worth it and I dont buy cokes and waste my money on other sugary traps that most people do so there but, when I break it down the Zip Fizz is about a $buck each which is the same cost of a sweet tea at Mc Kill Ya and same for the MSM. If I can save a couple thousand on having my stomach chopped off surgically then I will give this a try for a while and see what kind of results I get. So far pretty good!

I get my Zip Fizz at Costco or you can find it pretty cheap here with free shipping sometimes

Cheryl Richardson -

When it comes to losing weight sometimes there is emotional blockage or reasons for us holding on to this extra weight. I was just cruising through Youtube which is pretty much the most awesome website where you can learn to do anything you want and I ran across this interesting video.

Glycemic Index

I have been reading about this lately and it seems to go hand in hand with a low carb lifestyle.  The number assigned to these foods can help us to make better choices when choosing what we should and shouldn't be eating.  Check out this site to get a better understanding of how food affects our blood sugar levels ultimately making us fat when choosing the wrong foods.  I just found out that popcorn is worse than a snickers bar which makes me want to rethink that popcorn I was thinking about splurging on at the movies.

Breathing Exercises to Help Reduce Stress

Simply Beautiful Skin: Dr. Amy's Mind-Beauty Tips

Let It Out: 3 Breathing Exercises

To experiment with these exercises, sit in a chair with your back comfortably upright, feet on the floor, shoulders down, chest open, and hands resting in your lap. Let your abdomen expand with each inhale and contract with every exhalation. You may want to close your eyes and really focus on your breaths.
Exercise #1 -- Let it all out.
Take a deep breath through your nose, and let it out easily through your mouth. At the end of the exhalation, silently repeat "la-lala-la-laaah," which effortlessly extends the exhalation, releasing more air from your lungs. Feel your abdomen inflate with the next inhale. Do 5 times.
Exercise #2 -- Take a pause.
Inhale and exhale through your nose, mentally counting "in-two-three, out-two-three," and then "pause-two-three." During the pause, don't breathe in or out; just rest comfortably. Do 5 times. Over time, increase the count to four ("in-two-three-four, out-two-three-four"), then to five, until you reach a number that's comfortable to you.
Exercise #3 -- Hold it.
This technique can help you dial down a stressful reaction to upsetting news and can help you fall asleep, too. It takes a little practice, but people who use the technique swear by it. It's the four-seven-eight breath, a favorite of health guru Andrew Weil, MD.
  • Place the tip of your tongue just behind your upper front teeth; let it rest there gently for the entire exercise.
  • Exhale completely through your mouth, letting the air make a whooshing sound as it passes out.
  • Close your mouth, and inhale through your nose as you mentally count to four. Let the breath fill and expand your abdomen as you inhale, and then hold your breath for a count of seven.

Exhale through your mouth with a whoosh to a count of eight. That's one complete four-seven-eight breath. Do four times. To keep stress in check, do at least one of these breathing exercises twice a day.

I Knew I Could Do This

My husband loves to go hiking, God knows why. He even goes in the summer time. Here in Arizona when the summer hits its usually around February lol, almost not kidding, well the morning temperatures can sometimes start out very close to 100 degrees. I don't understand people that go hiking that time of year even when they are fit and healthy. As soon as summer hits I become an indoor girl around here and if it doesn't involve water then count me out. Fo Sho!! LOL...he hates it when I say that. I think it is still funny though :-).

So anyway since losing 60 or 70 pounds almost overnight or so it felt, I was feeling pretty cocky and thought to myself that I know I can get up that mountain now. I just had to prove to myself that I wasn't that big fat girl that sat out on the bench like last time waiting for my people to come back down off that mountain for what seemed like hours all by myself. Talk about humiliating with everyone passing by you on their way back to the cars and I knew they were thinking he he he.... fat girl couldn't make it up the mountain.

I knew I could do it! Woo hoo! I made it up that mountain.  My father inlaw and Cousin Greg beat me to the top. They were up there beating their chests literally.

HCG Makes Me Feel Like Tigger!

I have been bouncing around the house extremely happy and full of energy since the end of my last round resulting in a loss of 60 lbs. I feel so much lighter and younger. I cant even begin to comprehend now where the last 20 years went and why I let that happen in the first place. I just gave up after the birth of my daughter and an extreme weight gain. I had no idea how to be healthy again Now it seems so easy to take care of a weight problem with the introduction to HCG. I walked 3 miles yesterday and wanted to keep going but, came in only because it was getting dark!! I walked almost 5 miles the day before that.

I am so THANKFUL to Susie for sharing this with me. If you remember Susie from previous posts she was the one that told me about HCG. If it were not for Susie I would be close to 300 pounds right now rather than nearing the 200 pound mark. I want to thank Susie and I need to think of something that compares to saving a persons life. How do you thank someone for something like that??

Just Got New Neck Thanks to HCG!

It is weird to see myself morphing into a new person. I get tongue tied looking at myself. Sometimes its like who is that?? My husband saw me come around the corner the other night and he jumped a mile thinking I was someone else. He did not recognize me! This is seriously getting crazy good!!

HCG Round 2 Phase 2 day 50 Lost 45 inches

Took my measurements and was pleasantly surprised. I find that my body is still coming together and picking itself up off the floor!! YAY HCG!!

Round 2 Load Days

So here I go again. I am doing this and soon I will know if this is a dream or actually real. Only the scale can tell. I am actually looking forward to not eating for at least the next 3 weeks. Not sure how long this round will be. At one point I thought I would shorten my rounds but, then again I do like the idea of taking off 30-40 lbs in one shot.

HCG Protocol Phase 3 Low Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate recipe

I got this recipe from

Low Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate

• 8 oz. unsweetened chocolate squares (see update note)
• 1 cup smooth peanut butter (no sugar added)
• 3/4 - 1 cup erythritol
• 1 cup worth other sugar substitute (or to taste)
• 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
• Pinch salt
I originally made this recipe with Hershey's baking chocolate because I figured most people could get it. I've now found that when I make it with a higher-quality chocolate such as Ghirardelli, it comes out very hard, and works better to use less chocolate (like 6 or 7 oz.) or more of the other ingredients.

A word on the sweetener. I have tried different combinations of sweeteners, including Splenda packets, Sweetzfree liquid Splenda, and powdered erythritol. I had the best results using the powdered erythritol and Sweetzfree, which is a very concentrated liquid. I have found that with chocolate, using artificial sweeteners with no sugar alcohols produces only an "OK" result. Adding a low glycemic sugar alcohol (not maltitol) improves the flavor and texture when working with unsweetened chocolate.

1) Melt the chocolate. I like to pour boiling water over it, let it sit for 5 to 6 minutes, and then pour the water off. That way I know I won't burn the chocolate.

2) Mix in the rest of the ingredients, adjusting sweetener to taste.

3) Pack or spread into a loaf pan. Cool to room temperature, or you can put it in the refrigerator. Cut into 18 pieces and serve.

Nutritional Information: Each serving has 3 grams effective carbohydrate plus 3 grams fiber, 5 grams protein, and 146 calories.

I rolled mine into balls and dusted with cinnamon and then dipped in whip cream sweetened with splenda. Awesome!

HCG Diet and Weight Loss Summary from Dr. Dennis Clark

Halloween with the HCG Protocol

Ok so Halloween is not an easy time to be dieting or restricting your calorie intake in any way.  I really did so well with HCG!  It was unlike anything I have ever tried and I never even cheated with foods that were not allowed  but, then Halloween rolls around and that is a whole different story.  So I blow it, not big time just 5 total pieces of the fun size candies.  The first thing that drew me in was that damn Peanut Butter Cup.  OMG it was so good and I was hiding the fact that I was eating it so I don' think I enjoyed that as much as I should have.  The next thing I went for was a snickers and this is a choice I made based on reading the South Beach and how different candy bars affect the Glycemic Index.  Snickers was pretty low and it must be that way because the peanuts slow down the digestion process.  I used that same reasoning when I ate the Almond Joy and the next snickers.  Now I am starting to feel kinda sick and I'm not sure why and then it hits me.  Its the sugar!  OH NO!  I stopped at 4 or maybe 5 pieces, cant remember if that last piece really happened or not.  I was afraid to see the damage done on the scale the next morning and at the same time I kinda thought well its the last day and its been 3 days since my last injection so what could this possibly hurt??  The scale said I gained 2.2 lbs which is insane for not even eating a whole flippin candy bar.  Are you kidding me???? 

I had to get back on track and I decided not to trip and just see what happens over the next few days.  I have been eating really low carb for the last couple days.  After the first day I was down a bit more than a pound and then this morning I was back up again.  I am going to add more fruit today because I completely left that out yesterday.

Day 53 on HCG Protocol

I went and tried on clothes this weekend just to see if there was much of a difference and boy did I notice the difference!  I am looking so much better in clothing.  Avenue had a great sale.  I found a really cute dress size 18/20 that was only 4.97 and it actually fit me AND looked good.  I cant wait to get P3 over with so I can get back to losing again.   I start P3 November 1st and I will be loading again Thanksgiving week. 

Day 49 took off 2 lbs overnight

I have secrets to losing 2 lbs overnight and actually its been working for me everyday since.  Visualizing can help you get to your goal as well as drinking a lot of water!

Day 48 total lost 33.8 pounds Yay for saggy arm holes!!!!!

Just talking about what is going to happen here in the future and when I am going on my 3 week break.  I feel much better and I am really excited about dropping a lot more!